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Canadec.com contains the information about Experiential Learning,Youth & Family Training Programs, Personal achievement and Organization Achievement.

Experiential learning is the process of learning in which a student improves knowledge and skills through direct experiences. You acquire the experimental learning both within and beyond the classroom. There are many types of experimental learning which is discussed in our websites such as Internship, Service Learning, Studying  Abroad, Student Teaching, and Cooperative Education, etc.

In Organisational Achievement,  employees are working together as a group which achieves the common goal and objective of the organization. The Organisation arranges the several facilities and activities for the employees to perform in the teamwork. That improves the employees bounding and work efficiency.

Youth Training Programs helps young people who are strugging with their lives stress such as anger, drug substance abuse, low-income family relationship, depression and sexual promiscuity among other vices. This program is a comprehensive resource designed to help the youth experiencing problems either at home, school or in the community.

In day to day life, several companies followed the Personal Achievement Programs and these programs are discussed in this website. Companies will offer the training programs to the employees and also consider the employee’s performance. Gives the exact position to the employees that depends on his/her skills. The main objective of any successful company is profitability.

In this website, you get all the relevant information regarding the Experiential Learning.