Investing In Canada Students

Canada Is Investing In Its Students Skills & Talents

Canada faces an unstable future. Established partners are frequently rolling inward, and technological advancements and industrialization are drastically changing the labor market. Our capacity to diversify trade relations, adapt to those changes, invest in talent, and instill a mindset of lifetime learning will be the keys to Canada’s success in an increasingly shifting, global knowledge economy.

In this period of unprecedented global change, next-generation research talent, global study, indigenous student success, learning edge research, and training centers will equip Canada to compete on the world stage.…

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Canadian Youth and Family Programs

Everything You Need to Know About Canadian Youth and Family Programs

Children can be our greatest source of joy, but if they venture into alcohol or drugs during this critical period of brain development, their happy future may take a nosedive, and your nightmare begins.

45% of kids who start drinking at age 13 will become alcohol dependent. And 67% of those who drink before age 15 will go on to use hard drugs. 85% of crimes in Canada can be linked to alcohol or drug misuse. It’s quite unfortunate that addictions cost our country billions of dollars every year.

As teen alcohol use increases so do delinquency, depression, school failure, teen pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome. Tragically, one in every 12 children in North America now lives with an addicted parent. This isn’t fun for parents or kids, but there’s a wonderful and simple solution.

Research shows parents who are trained in bonding, setting boundaries and monitoring kids’ activities, can prevent most teen alcohol and drug abuse, enabling the …

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Best Youth Training Programs

Self Driven Youth Training Programs

Introduction Of Youth Training Programs

Youth at risk typically refers to the young people who are struggling with their lives’ stresses. Several issues may portray signs that indicate your child is in danger he or she may be struggling with. These problems include defiance, anger, drug substance abuse, low-income family relationship, depression and sexual promiscuity among other vices.

Due to pressure, the troubled youth will tend to be withdrawn and more likely break down mentally. To counter these low self-esteem issues, the affected teen engages in self-destructive behavior that is not only a danger to them but also to others. This may be as a result of the need to seek attention or just to get whatever they want.

Purpose Of Youth At Risk Program

If your youthful child is portraying signs of being at risk, you need to act before it is too late. This program is a comprehensive resource designed to help the youth experiencing problems either …

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Nature-Based Education Programs For Youth Training

Integrating Nature-Based Education Programs For Youth Training


Direct experience in the natural world is known to have a tremendous impact on youth education. Research shows that nature-based education provides children with benefits across all age range and more so on diverse development aspects. These areas include mental health, physical health, cognitive development, learning and socio-emotional learning.

Nature-based Education programs help connect children with nature and diversifying their outdoor experience.  Today’s generation is widely brought up indoors and rarely get a chance to go out and explore their natural habitat. Instead, most kids and youth spent more of their time watching television and playing video games on computers.

In this era of new technology, children have few opportunities to access free outdoor activities as compared to a few decades ago. One of the factors that have contributed to the shrinking of the physical boundaries is the ‘fear factor’ by parents. Most modern parents rarely let their children play alone outdoors sighting safety reasons.

Children who are nature-deprived …

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