Setting New Goals For Your Company And Personal Achievements

goals for employees

Each New Year brings renewed hope to many people who in turn set goals for personal achievement. Organizations on the other hand also set new goals to achieve during the year.

In companies, goals play pivotal roles since they represent great things to achieve. For instance, a firm can set a goal to become a market leader. Other firms can set goals to increase their profits while others can aim to expand their operations.

The leaders have a responsibility to set goals in the company. However, some people hate setting goals, but the truth is that your chances of success are minimal without clear goals. As such, there are many things that you should consider when setting employee goals in the organization.

Significance Of Goal Setting

Goal setting is critical to success especially in the firm since it helps you to define your objectives. Each company has a set of objectives, and they represent things that it wants to achieve within a specific time frame. Objectives involve tactics about reaching where you want to go.

On the other hand, the attainment of objectives depends on the available resources. Therefore, if you have long term goals, you can use them in the allocation of resources to achieve various objectives. Many people often use the terms goals and objectives interchangeably, but goals are things you try to reach.

Google is a good example that uses its goals to encourage the employees to go an extra mile in their operations. The company helps the employees to be ambitious as well as to embrace uncertainty in their work to achieve its goals. There are also many other benefits of setting goals within the company.

setting goals for employees

Goals Motivate Employees

Some goals usually make people feel uncomfortable, but there is nothing amiss about that. Such purposes are designed to stretch the employees in the attainment of the objectives. The other important thing about goals is that they can motivate people.

Google uses the strategy of employee involvement in goal setting as a way of motivating them. Challenging goals play a pivotal role in stimulating the employees to put the optimum performance in their operations. The employees can derive motivation from goals that can help improve their skills.

Goals Provide Clarity

It is easier to take the proper course of action when there is a clear vision or desire to achieve something. Therefore, a goal provides clarity about the things to accomplish. If a goal is written down, its chances of becoming real are great.

When you write the goals down, you define what you want to achieve. Goals are also crucial since they help us to navigate obstacles that can stand on our way. When you face a difficult choice, you can refer to your set goals for clarity.

Goals Provide Direction

In the organization, goals provide direction, and they help you to prioritize your time and focus on relevant things. The other thing is that goals can help you to advance the company’s agenda. You can get motivation from your goals, and they drive you to success.

At times we may feel desperate and lost, but goals can guide us through difficult situations. When the company communicates for you to have clearly defined goals, then you can set the standard as well as the direction that you should follow.

At times you can come under immense pressure in your work, but the set goals can give you space to breathe. When the direction to follow is clear, you can slow down such that you can breathe while deciding on the way forward.


Many people work hard, but they cannot see or enjoy the fruits of their efforts. The problem with such people is that they lack SMART goals in whatever they do. Some people end up jumping from one job to the other but still with little achievements to show for their effort.

It is vital that you make your goals clear and reachable by ensuring that they are:

  • Specific– The goals should be simple, significant and sensible. When setting your goal, this is where you define what you to achieve as well as state why it is crucial. You should also clearly state the people who are involved and the location of the action.  The other essential thing you should consider pertains to outlining the resources that are required.
  • Measurable– Your goal should also be meaningful and motivating. In other words, you should set a goal which you can track progress as well as to meet deadlines. If you set a goal that you cannot measure progress, you risk wasting your effort and time.
  • Achievable-You should make sure that your goals are possible; otherwise, you will be wasting your time. The goals should be realistic and attainable if you want to be successful. The other thing is that you should avoid being over ambitious when setting goals. You will be frustrated when you fail to achieve them.
  • Relevant– The goal should be reasonable and results-based. You should also be able to explain the level of importance of the intention to remain focused.
  • Time Bound– When setting your goal, you should make sure that they are time-based. You should have a target date that also helps you to set a deadline.

However, different interpretations can cause some misunderstandings. Other people think that SMART lacks creativity and flexibility and it might not work well in the long run. It seems SMART is linear and it involves a step by step approach in goal setting which can affect creativity.

Gauge Key Results

When you set your goals, you must also ensure that you have key result expectations. The key result areas help you to gauge your performance against the desired goals. You can derive the desired results by focusing on quantifiable and achievable objectives.

Google suggests that each objective should carry at least three key results. It is essential to express milestones that are measurable that can also lead to the achievement of the goal. The key findings can also help you to measure if you are operating in the right direction.

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