Organizational Achievement Through Team Work Using These Programs

Organizational Achievement As Team Work

Benefits Of Working In Teams

For the success of any organization, teamwork is an essential concept used to attain achievements and accomplish stated goals. This is an idea of working together as a group towards achieving a common goal and objective for the good of the service users as well as the organization.

It is geared towards delivering quality services to the users while breaking down workloads so that everyone can take part. The main advantage of teamwork is that an organization can achieve more than what an individual working alone could have done.

There are various teamwork experience programs used by organizations to reach organizational achievement. The most common teamwork experiences are through participation in outdoor team building activities and events. In this article, we are going to consider various team building ideas that are suitable for organizational achievement.

The Amazing Chase

 Organizational Achievement Amazing Chase
This is an experience teamwork program based on the television reality show “The Amazing Race“. Teams race around the city through a designated course while encountering roadblocks. The team is expected to work together as they resolve challenges and detours placed along the course. Each team is awarded points based on their performance, and the ultimate goal is to reach the finish line in record time. This task requires the effective use of strategy, communication, and creativity.

Urban Fear Factor

This outrageous event combines a smartphone-powered scavenger hunt to take teams on a wild and daring adventure. The teams receive various challenges on their smartphones and after scanning through them, they then decide which one to start with and when. Each challenge performed is awarded points based on its difficulty.

The team will have fun while competing to perform these daring missions and crazy challenges. In the process, the teams will discover their wild and creative sides, get to know their colleagues, explore their city and appreciate working as a team.

Apprentice Challenge

Apprentice Challenge Organizational Achievement

The apprentice challenge inspired by the popular TV show “The Apprentice“. It focuses on teamwork in a competitive environment where teams are assigned real-life tasks. For instance, the teams complete a special task of building an item such as a bicycle.

In this case, the goal is to complete the task as assigned and have your team hired and receive the coveted award placed for the task. Each member plays a role and in the process discovers each other’s strengths. This experience is suited for any group size, and it requires a spacious indoor environment.

Rock Wall Climbing

Rock wall climbing is a team-building initiative program that builds the strength of your team. It is an event that requires teams to work on trust, communication, goal setting, and cooperation while having fun.

This is usually an indoor facility that is designed to replicate a real rock climbing with all the challenges involved. The primary goal of this activity is to have a team climb to the top of the wall in the shortest time possible.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Organizational Achievement

Treasure Island is a team-building activity that requires all members of a team to cross over to an imaginary island, and if successful they get rewarded with a treasure. In this game, your team members must pass a designated area without actually touching the ground. The only tools required are a plank of wood and some platforms.

You must use only these tools to get to the island’ and make your way back to the safe ground within a given period. Obstacles are placed along the route to make it more challenging. This experience focuses on communication, problem-solving, risk-taking and support from team members.

GPS Navigation

This is an outdoor team building the program that is both exciting and adventurers. In this program, a team is sent out on a mission to locate and perform some challenging tasks. A kit that specifies the tasks to be accomplished is given to each team along with a GPS navigation unit.

The team is required to use the GPS unit to navigate and locate correctly the challenge. Each team is allocated some points based on the level of accuracy in finding and performing the challenge. This team building program fosters communication, relationship building, and problem-solving.

Magic Carpet

 Organizational Achievement Games

This is easy to perform team building activity that can be done by a team before embarking on a real and more challenging event. In this challenge, the team members stand on a 4 ft by 6 ft carpet and attempt to turn it over without stepping on the surrounding ground. This activity is fun and requires effective communication among the team members as they try to solve the problem.

Search And Rescue

This is one of the team building programs that help to foster organizational achievement. In this exercise, the various members of a department experience how fun and teamwork can be. The effort of every member of a team is required to accomplish the practice. In this exercise, an emergency situation is simulated; your team members have failed to return to base.

A rescue team requests for your assistance in searching and rescuing the missing members of your team. This event will depict the outcome when there are gaps in communication, and the resulting frustration will prompt the team members to dialogue.


This team-building activity provides the opportunity for various teams to compete against each other in successfully navigating their raft through a challenging course. Each member of the team has a paddle and on the team leader’s instructions, they work together to navigate the raft as quickly as possible.

It allows team members to learn new skills, recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. This activity requires a lot of cooperative, communication, trust, leadership and quick decision-making.

Random Act Of Kindness

 Act Of Kindness Organizational Achievement

This is a teamwork building activity that also involves giving back to people in society. In this experience, teams challenge each other in doing random acts of kindness and the team that accomplishes the most challenges within the stipulated time is crowned the winners.

This act of kindness will brighten other people’s day and make them feel proud. The team needs to come up with ingenious ways of making others feel good. In the process, creativity and problem-solving towards achieving the desired goal are fostered.

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