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Organizational Achievement By Team Work

For most successful companies who value their employees, training and development is a tool used to improve employee’s performance. Experiential learning is one method commonly used to address personal development and potential. People need constant learning which is adaptable for them as individuals.

Therefore, their training must focus on individual potential and styles as well as on the needs of their job description. This has resulted in the emergence of products designed for fostering personal development and teamwork at workplaces. These tools help to build an individual’s competence and confidence as well as improving personal effectiveness through positive behavioral change.

In this article, we are about to examine the personal development and teamwork products designed for facilitators and trainers towards enhancing learners’ needs and development.

Symbols Organizational Achievement Team Managment

This is an excellent experiential activity that is meant to improve communication skills within a team. Symbols require participants to use problem-solving techniques and strategic thinking to improve their performance and to meet tight deadlines. This is a game that uses some patterned printed magnetic cards that fit into a particular location in a preprinted grid.

Each participant is given some of these cards, and he is not allowed to expose them to one other. The objective of this activity is for the members to assemble the cards on the grid correctly within a given period. It requires them to describe the pattern of their cards to fit in the right space on the magnetic board. Verbal communication is the only means allowed to solve the problem.


Webmaster Organizational Achievement

The webmaster is an experiential learning activity that uses collaboration between teams to develop time management skills through effective communication, planning process, and time management. In this exercise, participants are required to assemble a black and white diagram by the use of provided colored ropes.

The assembling process has specific rules that must be adhered to. Once the team has completed the assembly, they are then required to re-do the whole diagram again within a strict time frame. This game helps to explore how participants work together in problem-solving while encouraging collaboration development in a team.


This is a team-based solving activity that relies entirely on the development of effective communication skills and in particular verbal and listening skills to solve a problem. This activity involves the use of 30 plastic pieces with six shapes in each of five colors.

The participants are blindfolded and each issued with some of these plastic pieces after the instructor has removed two of the pieces from the complete set. The main aim of the game is to let the team identify the color and shape of the two pieces that were removed from the set.

The rule of the game does not allow participants to transfer their pieces with each other but only to rely on verbal communication to solve the problem. The game ends when the team unanimously agrees on a single answer to the problem.

Images Bundle

Images bundle is a personal development activity that contains three metaphor-based activities which include images of resilience, images of organization and images of customer experience.

Images of resistance are intended for a participant to be used in close dialogue with a facilitator to explore one’s experience of resilience. Images of the organization represent various experiences and emotions typical of a real group.

The primary objective of this activity is to stimulate discussions and explore what resilience means as well as managing people and relationships.

Team Work

Organizational Achievement With Team Work

This is an experiential learning activity suitable for a team. The learning objective of this exercise is to enhance teamwork and communication. The participants must work together and try to manipulate a series of balls through a labyrinth on a suspended board. The board is held off the ground by a series of ropes all around it by each player. The ball is purely manipulated by the forces applied on each string and therefore calls for the team’s proper coordination and efficient teamwork.

Getting Acquainted

Getting acquainted is a fun, practical and informal way of getting to know other people. This game consists of 56 cards that are used as icebreakers and introduction for groups who may not or already know each other. Each card contains a thought-provoking question from the six categories alongside a corresponding picture. The cards are placed face down, and each participant in a team picks a card and tries to answer the question and states the association the film evokes for them.

This game helps to build relationships in and out of workplaces as well as understanding our cultural and personal difference.


Symmetries is a fast-paced strategic thinking activity that is intended to help participants to understand the problem of cumulative error. If a small problem is not immediately addressed early in a process, it will ultimately result in a severe negative consequence in the long run.

This exercise consists of a grid with 100 squares on it and magnetic materials each with four squares or six squares in it with ranging shapes and colors. The team is expected to place the magnetic tiles on the magnetic grid in a way that completely covers the white area without going into the marked penalty area. The game is played over a series of four rounds, and the participants must work towards a shared strategy within a given time and avoid any error.

This game helps participants to learn management skills, for example, reacting quickly and accurately to a situation and distinguishing urgent and important needs. It also fosters communication and participation among the team members.


The workstation is an experiential learning activity used for enhancing communication and information management especially among groups who have no prior experience of working together. It involves a portable packet of playing cards containing delegate briefing instructions, facilitator instructions, and review suggestions.

The aim of this game is to unlock a matrix puzzle through a process of elimination and logic by utilizing verbal communication only. Being in a position not to write down anything is where the difficulty of the game comes in. Therefore the group must devise other means of recall and sorting vital information.

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