Steps To Improve Development Of Communication Skills

Personal Achievment OF Communication skills

Improvement Of Communication Skills

Effective communication is fundamental in almost every aspect of our lives and making it your personal achievement is a good goal. Communication skills are a valuable tool that many companies will require you to have. People with strong communication skills usually enjoy interpersonal relationships with colleagues, friends, and family.

No one is born a perfect communicator, but instead, we all develop little habits and patterns based on our backgrounds. Some habits we acquire are good but at times some may be an impediment to effective communication.

In most cases, these little habits get in the way of working as a team and accountability. The following are steps to improve the development of communication skills and enhance personal achievement.

1. Be A Good Listener

When communicating, learn to listen to what your partner is saying. People always want to know that they are being heard and understood. To avoid misunderstanding, use the technique of reflection and clarification to confirm what your partner has said.

This technique does not only create a rapport but also makes the other person feel respected and hence building a solid interpersonal relationship.

Personal Achievment-Good Listener

2. Consider The Person You Are Talking To

We often talk differently to different people, be it with a close friend or your boss at work. The way we talk to these various groups of individuals matters. It is ok to use acronyms and informal language when speaking to your buddy.

However, when communicating with your boss, your language should be different in fact it should be formal. Effective communicators target their message based on who they are speaking to. Therefore, always consider the person you are talking to before getting your message across.

3. Maintain Eye Contact

It is always a good habit to maintain eye contact while communicating with somebody. This will show that you are interested in what the other person is saying, and you are paying attention. Remember, improving your communication skills enhances personal achievement.

Peronal Achievement : Eye Contact

4. Be Brief And Specific

Use simple and yet direct language to pass across your message instead of complex indirect messages. With practice, you learn not to ramble and avoiding giving out too much irrelevant information that may disinterest your listener.

Your effective communication will help others to understand you and help build your personal achievement.

5. Be Both Thoughtful And Careful

We usually don’t have to agree with whatever the other person says, however, behaving professionally is far much important. The way you handle yourself is going to change the focus of the discussion and decision making from the issue at hand.

6. Body Language

Some postures may send wrong signals to the person you are speaking to. For example, standing with crossed arms, turning your torso away from your partner or hunched in shoulders may indicate disinterest in the conversation. Therefore, without saying a word your body language can portray what you are feeling about the situation.

Personal achievment For Boy language

7. Correct Tone Of Voice

The tone of voice communicates a great deal more than just the words we are trying to pass across. Your tone of voice includes the volume you use, the emphasis you are placing on your words, and you are at the level of emotions you are communicating. You should note that the tone of voice may change the meaning of the message we are passing.


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